\\gəmē, -mi\ noun combining form (-es)
Etymology: Middle English -gamie, from Late Latin -gamia, from Greek — more at bigamy


b. : union for propagation or reproduction


2. [New Latin -gamia (as in Cryptogamia), from Greek -gamia -gamy (marriage)]
a. : possession of (such) reproductive organs


b. : possession of (such) a mode of fertilization


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a combining form with the meanings "marriage," "union," "fertilization, pollination," of the kind specified by the initial element: exogamy; plastogamy; allogamy; also forming nouns corresponding to adjectives ending in -gamous: heterogamy.
[comb. form repr. Gk -gamía act of marrying]

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-gamy n combining form
1. Denoting: marriage, or supposed marriage, to a stated number of spouses
2. A stated means of fertilization or reproduction
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Main Entry:-gam-

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gam|y «GAY mee», adjective, -gam|i|er, gam|i|est.
1. having a strong taste or smell like the flesh of wild animals or birds, especially when kept until slightly tainted.
2. abounding in game.
3. brave; plucky; mettlesome: »

a gamy little fellow.

4. Slang. somewhat improper; racy: »

This Was Burlesque…is comic in an earthy kind of way, but it is also awfully gamy (New Yorker).

Also, gamey.
gam´i|ly, adverb.
gam´i|ness, noun.
combining form.
1. marriage: »

Polygamy = plural marriage.

2. the condition of being joined together: »

Allogamy = the condition of being joined in cross-fertilization.

[< Greek -gamíā < gámos marriage]

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-gamy, suffix
f. Gr. γάµος marriage + -y3, appended to Gr. stems to form ns. with the senses: (a) ‘marriage (of the type specified)’, as in endogamy, exogamy, hypergamy; (b) ‘(such a) means of fertilization or reproduction’, as in allogamy, cleistogamy, porogamy. Cf. bigamy, monogamy, polygamy.

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